Our Story of Downtown Vancouver Jeweller Westcoast Jewellers

Founded by Master Goldsmith George Nasr in 1977, Westcoast Jewellers quickly established a reputation for excellence among jewellery connoisseurs. George’s vast knowledge and experience brought him accolades from buyers and fellow jewellers alike, who came to trust George for his broad knowledge, skills and experience. When they needed answers or the best advice, exclusive shops and skilled jewellers turned to George Nasr for his expert opinions.


Throughout the 1980s, Vancouver’s leading jewellery retailers and custom jewellers came to rely on George Nasr for custom made jewellery and repairs.


By the 1990s, George Nasr had attracted a growing private clientele while at the same time retaining the loyalty of local jewellers and jewellery retailers. Toward the end of the decade, George’s son Pierre took a hand in the family business, and under George’s guidance soon became an adept manager. Like his father and great uncle Elias Sayegh before him (Sayegh means Goldsmith in Arabic) Pierre Nasr, a third generation of jewellers, carries on a family tradition of skills and knowledge passed down over 70 years of service and success.

2000 to Today

By 2006, Pierre Nasr had succeeded his father and incorporated the business as Westcoast Jewellers and Diamonds Ltd. Today, Pierre takes time with each and every client to go over the finest of details. After all, it’s those details that make the difference between a raw gem and a piece of fine jewellery. Pierre Nasr concentrates on importing diamonds and continuing to craft fine jewellery for a growing clientele—the result of word of mouth referrals and a testament to a fine quality of workmanship and a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Westcoast Jewellers History